NORKY the Hybrid Peneagle from the North Pole  who within his presence shares the Special Key of the Northern Lights which releases the Dreams in all of us all year long.  NORKY is the "GOODWILL AMBASSADOR" & "OFFICIAL MAILBIRD" of the North Pole. 
Hey NORKY! shouts Santa, I understand you're off to travel the World. Keep spreading GOODWILL throughout all races and cultures. Don't forget to keep an eye on the Naughty & Nice list. You're in charge all year long. SAFE FLYING!
Christmas with Norky
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NORKY THE PENEAGLE TALKS TO STUDENTS (click on photo) "Imagination is the Key To Unlock My Dreams To Set Them Free" (C) Steve Allgeier (creator of Norky)
"CHRISTMAS WITH NORKY, THE ADVENTURE BEGINS..." It's a month before Christmas, preparations have begun. The North Pole's on ALERT, for Santa's Famous Run! The Sky becomes inviting, the Runways are cleared. But who's that taking off? NORKY is Here! The Peneagle, a Hybrid, who's proud and so fair. NORKY's a Pen-Eagle, a Hybrid you say? I'm confused and amused, how can this be? A Penguin is his Mom, and an Eagle is his Dad, They're NORKY's Parents you see!
A signal, a cheer, a wink of an eye, And off NORKY goes, up, up to the sky! "Hey NORKY" shouts Santa, "I've placed YOU in charge, Of My Naughty & Nice List, and it's very LARGE! So PLEASE, find my Route, search high and search low, Search up in the sky and especially the snow." Good Deeds are a KINDNESS, Children must be Aware, That to be REWARDED, they must always SHARE! (c) Steve Allgeier (for more of the story see "How to Order" above).
NORKY THE PENEAGLE, the "Symbol of Goodwill" who can talk, sing, entertain and Dance is a Magical new Bird Species (part cuddly penguin - part fluffy eagle) who can also swim & fly. Santa appoints NORKY as the "Official Mailbird" of the North Pole and NORKY is now in charge of updating the Naughty & Nice list all year long. To order a copy of this timeless and wonderfully written NORKY Adventure Children's Book in hardcover with over 17 full page color illustrations, "Christmas with NORKY the Adventure Begins..." written by Steve Allgeier, just email us at or ask your local Book Store in your City to order for you. This book has been highly recommended by School Principals and School Librarians throughout the United States. It also received a Five star review by Midwest Book Review click on  To request a NORKY appearance call(310)985-3039 or email: or go to   

Invite NORKY, TADJUR and WENDELL the Son of Santa Claus to your Christmas Party! Click on photo above for NORKY in a Parade
Brady Farmer, Chantel, Antonio Villaraigosa (Mayor of Los Angeles) and NORKY
Dave Clark TV Announcer of Americas Childrens Holiday Parade & Special Guest NORKY
Come see NORKY, the "AMBASSADOR OF GOODWILL", throughout the year at upcoming Family Festivals, Charity Events, and Parades in your City. NORKY, the Endearing LOVABLE, Cuddly Fun & Witty Talking HUGGABLE Character is known as the "AMBASSADOR of PEACE through LITERACY". NORKY promotes Multi-Cultural Awareness & Diversity. For NORKY's next Televised CHRISTMAS PARADE go to  For more Live NORKY Appearances go to www.Norky.TV  for the Location. Don't forget to bring your Camera. Previous book signings go to & & . NORKY is on Tour performing a Live Stage Show "NORKY & THE DREAM FACTORY" and working on a Movie being Directed by LARRY HOUSTON  You can email NORKY at for info. NORKY appears as Special Honored Guest at the MAKE-A-WISH FOUNDATION Holiday Event at CBS and at the MAKE-A-WISH WALK FOR WISHES. See photos at  NORKY also appears as Special Guest at the AUTISM Walks, the NBC & TELEMUNDO Health & Fitness Expo, Special Celebrity Guest at the Foster Kids Family Day "DAY OF THE CHILD", Special Olympics, Abilities Expo , EARTH DAY, The Los Angeles Peace Picnic, Jimmy Kimmel's Feast of San Gennaro Festival, MAGIC JOHNSON Foundation Charity Event, Donald Trump's Celebrity Golf Tournament etc. NORKY also appears as the Celebrity Grand Marshal and/or a Special Honored Celebrity Guest in many Parades. Some Parades you may have seen NORKY in are the Lincoln Heights Christmas Parade, City of Whitter Christmas Parade, City of Lynnwood Candy Cane Lane Parade, SouthGate Parade, Huntington Park Parade, Compton Parade, Los Angeles KWANZAA Parade, Montrose - Glendale Christmas Parade, NorthEast Los Angeles Holiday Parade & Winterfest, East Los Angeles Parade, Marina Del Rey Boat Parade etc., etc. NORKY also appears at the Los Angeles Times Festival Of Books and loves doing Book Signings at Barnes & Noble Bookstores. NORKY was also on Front Page News with the Legendary Game Show Host "Bob Barker" click on   being announced as Grand Marshal of the "HOLLYWOOD CHRISTMAS/SANTA PARADE" For OTHER NORKY NEWS go to and & & & &   CLICK HERE FOR NORKY with DICK VAN PATTEN    

NORKY fans line up to greet NORKY. Click on photo!
The NORKY Motto: "THE KEY TO MY DREAMS IS ME" (c) Steve Allgeier All Rights Reserved.
Brady Farmer & kids with NORKY. Help Norky promote Peace, Family values, Multi-Cultural Awareness & Diversity. NORKY is also very concerned about Health & Exercise, the Enviroment and Reading programs. If you would like NORKY to appear or perform at your SPECIAL EVENT please email for availability. NORKY has appeared at Schools, Hospitals, Special Needs Camps, THE SPECIAL OLYMPICS, Fouth of July Celebrations, Charity Walks, Memorial Day, Baseball games, Basketball games, Christmas Parades, Kwanzaa, African-American Festivals, Chinese New Year Festivals, Hispanic, Latino & Spanish Festivals, Jewish Festivals, Ice Shows, Book Festivals, etc. NORKY has also been interviewed on the News. Yes! NORKY even Talks and with his Special Big Yellow Shoes, NORKY can even walk/dance on Ice.
Did you know that NORKY is part eagle-part penguin? A Pen-Eagle, aka a "penagle" or "pengle" or "eaguin". That is why NORKY can swim & fly. Do you know the name of NORKY's father (who is a Bald Eagle)? Do you know the name of NORKY's mother (who is a Penguin)? Can you guess how many countries and planets Norky has been too? Norky even shows up in your dreams. Look for NORKY's new CD's "NORKY & THE DREAM FACTORY" & "NORKY CHRISTMAS DELIVERY" & "NORKY CHRISTMAS SWIRL". Both Parents and Kids love the music and lryics.
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NORKY's favorite game at the North Pole is POLAR BALL (which helps with eye/hand coordination and motor skills). POLAR BALL can be played outdoor, indoors, even in the pool (Yes! it's waterproof). The same glove fits both right or left hand. The NORKY POLAR BALL also comes in many fun colors. FOR MORE INFO ON HOW TO START A NORKY POLAR BALL GAME/LEAGUE AT YOUR SCHOOL OR PARK, JUST CLICK ON PHOTO ABOVE. If you would like to play POLAR BALL at your School, just ask your P.E. Teacher.

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"THE WONDER OF CHRISTMAS ( NORKY'S CELEBRATION )" Available now on itunes, click here Sung by Betsy Hammer

The Wonder of Christmas NORKY Celebration Single
NORKY has been Honored as the "Good Deeds" Ambassador of DEVOTED TO YOUTH Foundation
My own NORKY Christmas Book!
NORKY showing Santa the way
NORKY THE PENEAGLE is loved by all. Hey Kids! NORKY enjoys reading your letters. Send Letters to: NORKY ADVENTURE CLUB 4712 Admiralty Way Box#614, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
NORKY THE PENEAGLE has already been seen by millions of households in several Countries throughout many races & cultures in the World from Televised Special Event Appearances & Parades, and soon NORKY will be Starring in the Animated Movie "WENDELL THE SON OF SANTA CLAUS A NORKY ADVENTURE" Directed & Produced by the world renowned Animator LARRY HOUSTON Would you like the Talking NORKY to Appear/Entertain at your Event? For all requests please email to Look for the upcoming NORKY AND THE DREAM FACTORY Adventure Novel by author, creator & Founder Steve Allgeier
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NORKY Design(s), NORKY, POLAR BALL & POLAR SURF are copyrighted & received Federal Registered Trademarks. Steve Allgeier also received/owns the US patent on POLAR BALL (remember the velcro glove and ball when you grew up). (C) All Rights Reserved